The Clojurephant Tooling API (GitHub Repo) is a sibling project to Clojurephant, the Gradle plugin providing support for Clojure and ClojureScript builds.

This library is meant for use from a Clojure REPL to interact with a Gradle project using Clojurephant.

The features and API should not be considered stable until 1.0.0.


  • General Clojure wrapper for Gradle’s Tooling API

  • Access to Clojurephant’s Gradle configuration from the REPL

  • Compile ClojureScript builds (including in watch mode)

  • Start ClojureScript REPLs based on:

    • Figwheel Main - with full hot code reloading

    • Figwheel REPL - for a more tranditional workflow, evaluating forms

API Documentation

See API reference on cljdoc.