clojurephant uses the common Gradle pattern of providing both capability plugins and convention plugins.

Capability plugins

provide the basic machinery for using the language, but leaves it to you to configure

Convention plugins

extend the capability plugin to provide configuration on top of the capabilities to support common use cases

Most people should apply the convention plugins. The capability plugins are for lower level configuration, more suited to an experienced user that doesn’t want the default behavior.

Common Features

nREPL Jack-In Dependencies

Introduced in Clojurephant v0.7.0-alpha.6.

By default, Clojurephant will only provide an nREPL dependency. If you’d like to inject additional dependencies from the commandline, set the Gradle property dev.clojurephant.jack-in.nrepl. The value should be comma-separated group:artifact:version dependencies. These dependencies will be included in the nrepl Configuration conventionally used by the ClojureNRepl task.

$ ./gradlew -Pdev.clojurephant.jack-in.nrepl=nrepl:nrepl:0.9.0,cider:cider-nrepl:0.28.5 clojureRepl --middleware=cider.nrepl/cider-middleware
Usage by Editors

Supported by CIDER’s M-x cider-jack-in as of v20220731.522 on MELPA (also anticipated in next release after v1.4.1).